About founder

Zlatan Habul started programming before his teens on a Sinclair ZX81 and Commodore 64. Zlatan had computers, operating systems and programming as his hobby all his life. After completing a 3-year science line and another year in the telecommunications line at upper secondary school, he started as a network administrator at PLC data in Karlstad. Even then, Zlatan could program in Basic, Pascal and C on a hobby level. In 2001 he moved to Gothenburg and started working as a Server and PC technician at the same time as he developed a surf VB6 program and led an USB IO-Card project. In 2010 he started Habultron electronics and had his own product in the form of the IO card. The card was based on a PIC microprocessor for which he designed and wrote the program. Customers were companies in Portugal and in Sweden. Also small Delphi-Pascal project for restaurant industry. 2011- Started at the University of Gothenburg, program "Software Engineering and Management". 2014- He worked with Development of self-driving model car for University Projects. 2015- After finished studies he started at Qrtech in Gothenburg as a Developer of embedded systems in automotive. 2017- Opened Habultron d.o.o in Tuzla, with 2 employees plus he. 2017- First customer, Zlatan was project manager for the customer's project, The group then had 6 people with its own 2 employees, task to build a game platform. 2018- Second customer, in the beginning Zlatan also leads this project, task to develop a platform for the organization of construction workplace. 2019- Habultron d.o.o Opened an office in Sarajevo, the company now has 9 employees. 2020- Opened Habultron AB in Sweden, together all Habultron companies now have 11 employees. The company is reorganized with sub-managers for various projects and Zlatan moves to Sweden to hunt for new customers.

Contact Details

Tel. (SWE): +46 (0)702222733
Tel. (BiH): +387 (0)61276474
Email: sales@habultron.com
Website: www.habultron.com

Our main office is in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we also have offices in Sarajevo and in Sweden.