About Us

HABULTRON d.o.o. is committed to providing you with professional, yet affordable services.

Our aim is to fulfill the technology needs of small and medium sized enterprises by delivering cutting edge technology solutions with unmatched quality, speed and commitment that would build lasting working relationships with our clients.

Zlatan Habul


  • Managing director
  • Scrum master
  • Project manager
  • Resource managment
  • Software requirements specification (SRS)
  • Analysis and cost calculation of project
  • Recruitment of new developers
  • C, C++ and C# developer
  • Embeded developer

Emrah Malikić


  • Senior developer
  • Native Windows, Apple and Android apps
  • C, C++ and C# developer
  • PHP, JS, .NET developer
  • Oracle, MYSQL, MS SQL

Ervin Osmanović


  • Project manager,
  • Angular, Ruby on Rails, PHP
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Anes Prentić


  • Sales Manager
  • Angular, CodeIgniter
  • CSS, JavaScript, HTML

Amir Šaran


  • Full stack web developer
  • Angular, React, PHP
  • Node JS, JavaScript

Azem Zejnilović


  • Full stack web developer
  • Angular, PHP, JavaScript, MySql

Adnan Efendić


  • Project owner
  • Test engineer
  • UX developer

Adis Murtić


  • Frontend web developer
  • Angular, JS
  • CSS

Mirko Radićevič


  • Database developer
  • Oracle DB, MySQL, MS SQL

Mirsad Avdić


  • Full stack web developer
  • Angular, Codigniter, PHP, MySQL

Džavid Kilim


  • Full stack web developer
  • HTML, CSS, Codigniter, PHP, MySQL

Amira Habul


  • Administration

Contact Details

Tel. (SWE): +46 (0)702222733
Tel. (BiH): +387 (0)61276474
Email: sales@habultron.com
Website: www.habultron.com

Our main office is in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we also have offices in Sarajevo and in Sweden.